How to book a desk on behalf of another user?

As an Administrator or Facility Manager in HybridHero, you have the ability to book a desk on behalf of another user.

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Whether you are an administrator, facility manager or a team manager, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, making desk booking a breeze.

Step 1: Access the Plan Tab

Log in to your HybridHero account and navigate to the Plan tab on the left menu.

Step 2: View Desk Availability

To see the availability of desks for different teams, select Team view

Step 3: Choose a Desk

Click on the free square in the row of the team member for whom you want to book a desk.

Step 4: Make the Booking

The booking window will pop up. Provide the necessary details:

  • Specify the Type of Booking (e.g., full-day, half-day).

  • If the booking is for the current day and time, you may have an option to check the user in.

Step 5: Confirm the Booking

Click on Save to confirm the desk booking.

Booking for Another Team

As an administrator, you can also make bookings for other teams:

  • Slide the Show All Teams button to see a list of all the teams in the organization.

  • Follow the same method mentioned above to book a desk on behalf of a user from another team.

Which User Types can book or delete booking & for who

  • Book desks for themselves.

  • Book meeting rooms.

  • Request for a desk/meeting room from another team if unavailable.

Team manager

  • All basic users access

  • Book desks for members of own team

  • Approve the team request for the Desk/Meeting room.

Administrator or Facility Manager

  • All Team Manager Access.

  • Book desks across all teams in the organisation globally.

  • Approve desk requests/ meeting room requests across the organisation.

  • Edit User personal settings.

  • Responsible for the User Workspace assessment.

  • User Survey and Issues if reported.

That's it! You've successfully booked a desk in HybridHero. Enjoy a seamless and efficient desk booking experience.

We are here to assist you and ensure you have a smooth experience with HybridHero. Happy desk booking!

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