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About HybridHero Visitor Management
About HybridHero Visitor Management

HybridHero's visitor management system is changing how guests sign-in at workplaces.

Written by Saurabh Chaturvedi
Updated over a week ago

How it works

The ability to gather visitor information as well as sign-in and sign-out timings is a critical component of any visitor management system. HybridHero produces a visitor entry when a visitor registers in.

Consider this entry to be a record of their visit: it includes all of the visitor's information, such as sign-in and departure timings, signed legal papers, and more. When a visitor checks in, their entries display on the dashboard in real-time.

With the registration feature, you can also send out invitations to guests. Registration allows you to send invite emails, notify your team of expected visitors, and expedite sign-in in a single step. Find out more about Registration.

Key features

The visitor's system is more than a simple way to gather visitor names and email addresses; it also helps to simplify the whole front desk experience with strong features that will make your staff more effective.

Host notifications

When your team members' visitors come, HybridHero will notify them. You'll never waste time looking for a visitor's host again with host alerts.

Visitors just pick who they want to view on the iPad. Then, HybridHero notifies their host by their selected notification mechanism.

Document signing

Visitors may easily examine and sign your legal papers using HybridHero (such as an NDA or waiver). You completely design the document template, and your guests sign digitally on the iPad or before they arrive. Learn more about signing legal documents.


HybridHero generates visitor badges automatically. Badges make it simple to determine who is welcome in your office and, more crucially, who is not.

How to get started?

  1. To get started with HybridHero Visitors, sign up for your 14-day free trial.

  2. Complete the guided account setup steps.

  3. Download the HybridHero Visitors iPad app from the App Store.

  4. Pair your iPad to your account.

  5. Sign yourself in as a test visitor.

Our support team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have while using HybridHero Vistors App, please feel free to contact us.

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