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Discover the importance of locations in your HybridHero account.

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In HybridHero Visitor Management, locations serve as the foundation of the system, representing the physical offices or reception areas where guests check-in. This article provides insights into how locations work, their significance, and the various settings you can configure for each location.

How Locations Work:

Upon signing up with Visitors, the first step is to create your own location, typically representing an actual office or reception area. Depending on your organization's needs, your HybridHero account may have one or more locations.

For smaller businesses with a single office, one location is sufficient. However, larger organizations with multiple offices across different cities or buildings on a central campus can create multiple locations, each with its unique settings.

Switching Between Locations:

Having global rights allows you to effortlessly switch between locations, as each location operates with its distinct settings.

Locations and Billing:

A subscription is required for each location where you want to sign in guests. HybridHero offers various paid and free plans with different feature sets. If you choose a paid plan, you will need to purchase a subscription for each location.

Learn more about plans here: https://hybridhero.com/pricing-plans

Devices and Visitor Sign-in:

Every plan supports multiple sign-in entries per location. For example, at a single location, you can use multiple iPads to facilitate check-ins at different entry points, such as your front desk.

Location Settings:

Almost every setting can be configured per location. If you're using Visitor Management in multiple offices, you can have different sign-in flows, NDAs, welcome messages, notification settings, and more tailored to each location's requirements.

Customizing Company and Location Names:

Your host notifications, NDA templates, and registration emails will automatically use the company name and location name you selected. However, you can easily modify the business name for each location entry point.

For instance, you may use names like "West," "East," "Oxford Street North," or "Oxford Street South" to differentiate various entry points.

Logo Customization:

Your uploaded logo appears in several places:

  • Default design for your sign-in kiosk: Your logo will be displayed above the "check-in" and "check-out" buttons.

  • Admin panel: It appears on the left side of the menu for each admin.

  • Badges: Soon, you can print your logo on visitor badges.

Language Preferences:

HybridHero supports 5 languages, and you can choose your preferred language per location. By default, English will be displayed, but you can easily change it to suit your visitors' preferences.

By understanding the concept of locations and utilizing their versatile settings, you can efficiently manage visitor check-ins and create a tailored and professional experience for guests at each of your office locations.

For further assistance or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact our support team. We're here to ensure your Visitor Management runs seamlessly and efficiently.

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