How to add a floorplan to the location?

Lean on how to created location layout in Hybridhero

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To add a floorplan layout in HybridHero, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Desks tab to create desks in the Location. Enter the Code for the desks and their description and then click Add

Note: By default, newly created desks are not assigned to any team, so they will not be available for booking until they are assigned to a team in the Desk Allocation tab in the Admin section.

1. Click on the Location Layout next to the floor you want to create a layout for. This will open the Location Layout page.

2. Select Zone Layout under Configuration type. Click on the grid to create a zone. Every click will make a straight line and connect it with the previous line. Once you have created the zone, click Save

3. Select Desk/Car park Mapping from the Configuration type.

4. The desks you created in Step 1 will be displayed under the zone you created in Step 3, and the zone will be displayed on the right side.

5. Select the desks you want to place in the zone and click on the zone to place them. If you need to rotate the desks, click on the desk again to find the rotation symbol and then click on the rotation icon to rotate the desks. Once you have finished placing the desks, click Save

. If you need to create support zones to demonstrate things like toilets or vacant spaces, select Support Zone from the Configuration type. Add a title in the text box and click Add

7. Click on the support zone you created to create an area for it on the map.

8 Save the configuration.

Note: Snap to Grid is selected by default, which means that the cursor will find the next pixel square by square. In between the square grid cannot be selected. You can disable Snap to Grid if you need to place the desks closer to each other.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our support team

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