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Roles available on Visitor Management App
Roles available on Visitor Management App

These roles help define the level of control and functionality a user has within the application. Let's explore the three primary user roles

Written by Saurabh Chaturvedi
Updated over a week ago

In the Visitor management app, there are three roles that can be assigned to a user, each with different access rights:

  1. Administrator:

    • This role has full access to all features and settings in the app.

    • Access includes Company settings, Building settings, Reporting, and Launch.

    • Administrators can manage all aspects of the app and have the highest level of control.

  2. Building Manager:

    • The Building Manager role has extensive access to the app's features, except for Company settings.

    • Access includes Building settings, Reporting, and Launch.

    • Building Managers can manage the settings and activities related to a specific building or location.

  3. None (Regular User):

    • A user with the "None" role has limited access to the app.

    • They can only launch and use the application without access to any administrative settings.

    • This role is ideal for regular users who do not require special access rights.

By defining these distinct roles, the Visitor management app ensures that users have appropriate levels of access based on their responsibilities and requirements.

Administrators have full control, Building Managers have access to specific building settings, and regular users can use the app without access to administrative features. This role-based access enhances security and simplifies user management within the app.

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