How to assign an Admin role to a user?

Assigning roles to users helps manage access and permissions within a system. This article provides guide on assigning roles to users.

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A few easy steps to follow are below:

1. Navigate to the Users tab: Go to the administration or settings section of the system and locate the Users tab.

2. Find the User: Search for the user you want to assign a role to and click on the Edit button next to their information.

3. Edit User Details: Scroll down to the Role section on the user details page.

4. Assign the Role: Check the box corresponding to the desired role, such as Admin.

This grants the user access to the entire environment and the ability to make changes.

5. Save Changes

Logout and log in: Inform the user that to activate the role changes, they must log out of their current session and then log back in again. This step ensures the changes take effect and the user receives the updated access and permissions.

By following these simple steps, you can easily assign roles to users in order to manage access and permissions effectively. Remember to save the changes for the role assignment to take effect.

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