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Why are there no available desks in the drop-down list once click on book?

This article will help you to understand why desks are not available in the drop-down list while you make the booking.

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Are you having trouble with finding desks from the dropdown while trying to book from HybridHero? This article will walk you through the workaround to get this sorted.

Please be informed that this situation comes up when the team you are assigned to has no desks assigned to it. In this situation, you can make a desk booking as a request so that the desks from a different team will be available or the desk will be auto-assigned.

Step 1: Proceed to make a desk booking.

Step 2: From the booking screen select the Booking Type as Request for desk.

Step 3: Select a different team from where you would like to select the desk.

Step 4: Select a desk from the dropdown menu or by default, you will be auto-assigned to any desk that is available.

Step 5: Click on save to make the request.

Here is a pro tip: It would be best to book with the locate option and pick a desk from the floor plan. The system will automatically select the booking type and team based on the desk you clicked on the floorplan. If the desks are not assigned to your team, choose the request for a desk booking type.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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