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How to view bookings of others?

Learn how to view bookings made by other users from Locate tab.

Written by Saurabh Chaturvedi
Updated over a week ago

To check the bookings made by other users from the Locate tab:

  1. Click on the Locate tab from the left side menu.

  2. Navigate to the required Building and click on the Floor.

From the floor plan, find the booked desks (Red colored desks) which means they are already booked by someone else.

  • Click on the Booked red desks to find the details of the user who has logged in to the desk.

  • Click on the dropdown list under the On this floor section from the right side to find the list of teams and emergency responders who have made bookings.

  • Click on each team to know if their member’s are working from the selected floor and view them.

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