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How to add more visiting reasons?
How to add more visiting reasons?

Learn how to manage Visiting reasons from Visitor management App.

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If you're new to the Visitor Management app, this guide will help you get started with managing the reasons for your visitors to visit your office. This includes adding, deleting, activating and deactivating reasons according to your convenience.

To manage your visiting reasons:

Step 1: Click on the Company Settings tab.

Step 2: Click on the Edit button next to the Visiting Reasons area.

Step 3: To add a new visiting reason type the new reason and click on the + symbol near to Add a new visiting reason text box.

Step 4: To delete a reason click on the Delete button next to the reason which you wish to delete.

Step 5: In order to activate the reasons you can toggle the button near to the reason and turn off the toggle button to deactivate the reason.

Hope this article was helpful in understanding various visiting reason management from the Visitor Management app.

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