How to delete a User?

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Steps to Delete a User:

  1. Click on the Users tab in the Left Menu.

    • This will take you to the Users management section.

    • To delete a user, the user must first be made inactive.

    • Search for the user you want to delete.

    • Click on the Edit button located in the right-side settings for that user.

  2. Mark the User as Inactive:

    • Untick the Active box to make the user inactive.

    • Click Save to update the changes

  3. Delete the User:

    • After making the user inactive, you will see a red icon labelled Delete user next to the envelope icon.

    • Click on the red icon.

    • Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes.

  4. User Deleted:

    • The user has now been successfully deleted from HybridHero.

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