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People tab overview (Mobile)
People tab overview (Mobile)

Let us learn about People tab overview using HybridHero’s V2 mobile app.

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Learn what functionalities and information are available for you in the new People tab.

  1. Leave: Clicking on Leave allows you to manage your time off. From booking your leave to checking the status of your utilized, pending, or remaining days. The booking process is simplified - a click directs you to a window where you provide basic details.

  2. Personal: Under Personal, discover an overview of your employee information. Access your basic details, home address, emergency contacts, and more, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your disposal.

  3. Job: The Job section consolidates all your work-related data. From team details to your manager and work history for your professional journey within the organization.

  4. Preference: Tailor your work environment with the Preference function. Set up default assets, language, and working hours, rest assured that this information will automatically sync with HybridHero settings.

  5. Benefits: Explore the perks your company has to offer in the Benefits section.

  6. Assets: Understand what resources are at your disposal and how they enhance your work experience.

  7. Org Chart: Get a visual representation of your organization's structure with the Org Chart feature.

  8. Emergency Responders: Ensure your safety with a dedicated section for Emergency Responders. Fill in essential details for fire wardens, first aid, and emergency contacts, contributing to a secure work environment.

  9. Other: The Other section is tailored to your company's specific needs. Whether it's surveys or internal documentation, this customizable space addresses the unique requirements of your organization.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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