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What is the In-office Policy showing at the top of home page?
What is the In-office Policy showing at the top of home page?

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Access details about the In-Office Policy through the dashboard is to keep track of your compliance with the minimum in-office days.

The Orange Indicator: Time to Book

Upon logging in, an orange indicator appears, signaling that you haven't met the minimum in-office days.

The dashboard displays blocks indicating the remaining days to fulfill the policy, acting as a helpful reminder to schedule your in-office days.

Booking and Block Updates

Real-time Adjustments: As you book in-office days, the blocks on the dashboard fill up in real-time.

The system adjusts instantly, showing fewer days left to meet the policy. This feature enables you to actively manage your in-office attendance for the week.

The Green Indicator: Achieving a Perfect Week

When the minimum required days are met, the orange indicator transitions to green.

The accompanying blocks turn green as well, symbolizing a week in which the policy has been successfully fulfilled.

Sign of Compliance: The green indicator signifies that you have met the in-office requirements for the week, providing a sense of accomplishment and confirming compliance with the company's policies.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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