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What kind of permission you can be assigned?
What kind of permission you can be assigned?

Learn about various permissions under People Settings

Written by Gaurav Yadav
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Permission Groups offer a flexible approach to customize access levels for specific employee clusters. Here's a concise breakdown:

Create or Choose Groups: Select or create a permission group to tailor access control.

Access to Others: Determine if the group can access:

  • Primary team

  • Everyone in the organization

  • Direct reports

  • All reporting to group members

  • Individual self-access

Individual User Permissions: Specify what users within the group can access about themselves.

There are 3 types of permissions that can be assigned to a group of users (employees) in People Settings on different fields which are mentioned below:

Usage of these permissions

The permissions for each group can be changed using the below-mentioned settings, let us understand what these permissions are:

No Access:

Permission with a lock symbol means that the details/field will be hidden for either all the employees or for a particular group.

  • This permission could be used when compensation and bonus creation/edition can only be done by the HR Manager. Neither the employee nor the manager of the employee can view or edit this.

  • Similarly, Leave adjustment will be Hidden

View Access:

Permission with an eye symbol means that the details/field will be visible for either all the employees or for a particular group.

  • Upcoming approved leaves or holidays will be visible to the user however it can only be changed by the HR Manager

  • The employee ID of the user will be visible however can and only be modified by the HR Manager or HR Admin

Edit Access:

Permission with a pencil symbol means that the details/field can be edited by either all the employees or by a particular group.

Address and contact information can be changed by the user and hence the permission assigned to these fields will be Edit Access.

Leave: lets you customize the leave field wherein leave adjustment will be hidden from employees and only visible to HR Manager/Admin.

Basic Information: All the fields under basic information can be set to either no access/view/edit depending on the information in these fields like Blood Group and Name can be set as view however Emergency contact should only be visible to the Manager/HR Manager.

Similarly, fields of Work Information, Basic, Benefits, Assets, and Notices can be customized for the views according to the information stored in them.

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