What to do while encountering an error message?

This article helps you with some of the common error messages.

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We're here to help you with any errors you may encounter while using HybridHero.

Some of the common error messages and their causes are mentioned below.

UserCreationException = 2001

If you encounter Error 2001 while creating a new user, make sure there is no space before/after the email address. This error will appear also if the email address that you are trying to add is already created in HybridHero.

Unknown exception: 1999

While facing an unknown exception, users can try using a different browser to log in or try using a private/ incognito window to log in. If the situation still persists try contacting the office administrator to check if your work email address is added correctly.

Access denied error.

If you encounter an access denied error try to clear cookies and cache and try to login from the incognito window.

If this is a first-time login, make sure your email address is added to the environment. Check it with your Admin/Office Manager or contact our support.

For clients using SSO: If your email address is added in HybridHero, but you are still receiving an Access Denied error, make sure the same email address is the one added to your company's Active Directory.

If you have any further questions or concerns about error messages, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.

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